Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 1 - Which is November 27, 2010

I though Day One should be easy. For two days I was helping my kids to declutter and organize their room. Their room still looks awfully crowded and disorganized, but still - we are filling second big back with toys that will be garage-sold/given away/donated, plus a trash can full went to garbage. Tarik decided to get rid of one of a toddler's wooden chair, which I am fine with too (we still have 2 better quality little wooden chairs that might stay for a while).  I want to do a spring garage sale -  I had my two first garage sales this autumn, and all in all made ~$250! So will keep these bags in my garage, ha ha. We organized at least 4-5 boxes of their stuff on the shelves (and need to do 4-5 times more, not mentioning their books and clothing!)

Meanwhile I threw away ~ 8 fridge magnets that look the ugliest. Kids are going through another box, and in between work as "squirrels-busters" - we now have a naughty squirrel on out bird feeder, and kids have full-time job.

I am posting it the next day - forgot to post it yesterday!!!

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  1. Congratulations on accepting your own 365 Days of Decluttering Challenge. I've added your blog to the list of challengers on the 365 Days of Decluttering Challenge blog.

    Although we all started at different times and are following different timelines, we are right there decluttering alongside you. Please remember: this journey is a long one, and since it is FOR YOU, you are only accountable TO YOU. Decluttering one item a day is all we ask of you.

    I ask for "one item a day" to stay true to ourselves and our challenge. Doing this for 365 days in a row is helping to build routine and continuity into our thinking. It is helping us to see that it's not "all or nothing", have a block of time to do it or don't, etc. This is just a simple and pure challenge--one thing each day--to inspire a routine approach to looking at our stuff for signs of it being clutter. A routine that we can keep up with and develop into a lifestyle change...not getting on a decluttering high that will lead to a de-motivating crash & burn.

    Decluttering physical objects can become a bit addicting, as well as decluttering the mental clutter that was with it. A journey starts with a single step. Congrats, again, on taking this journey with us and getting rid of unwanted, unneeded, unused and unloved items in your life!

    ~ Suzanne
    365 Days of Decluttering Challenge
    Taking Care Of You