Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 1 - Which is November 27, 2010

I though Day One should be easy. For two days I was helping my kids to declutter and organize their room. Their room still looks awfully crowded and disorganized, but still - we are filling second big back with toys that will be garage-sold/given away/donated, plus a trash can full went to garbage. Tarik decided to get rid of one of a toddler's wooden chair, which I am fine with too (we still have 2 better quality little wooden chairs that might stay for a while).  I want to do a spring garage sale -  I had my two first garage sales this autumn, and all in all made ~$250! So will keep these bags in my garage, ha ha. We organized at least 4-5 boxes of their stuff on the shelves (and need to do 4-5 times more, not mentioning their books and clothing!)

Meanwhile I threw away ~ 8 fridge magnets that look the ugliest. Kids are going through another box, and in between work as "squirrels-busters" - we now have a naughty squirrel on out bird feeder, and kids have full-time job.

I am posting it the next day - forgot to post it yesterday!!!